Thursday, October 07, 2004

North Pole and beyond

Tues. night I stopped in at KJNP TV in North Pole for a TV talk show. I was invited back any Saturday more to be on a coffeetime talk program. After that I continued on toward Delta Junction making literature drops along the way and stopping in bars (the only thing open after 11pm) introducing myself.
After a night in my campaign road vehicle I continued on to Paxson, Glennallen and into Anchorage. I was running low on literature by this time so it looks like I will have to drop some more when I end that way to Valdez and rest of the Richardson Highway.
Thursday night was the Alaska Arts Council Candidate Forum at the ACPA. Twenty-one candidates took part. I as the only US House candidate and Jim Skyes was the only Senate Candidate.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Campaigning the Parks' Highway

Good morning,
I left Anchorage Saturday (10/02/04) morning heading north to campaign up the Parks Highway to Fairbanks. I stopping along the way speaking to citizens and distributing campaign literature and yard-signs.
I found strong support in Trapper Creek, Healy and Fairbanks.
Here in Fairbanks Dae Miles, my primary opponent turned Higgins for US House webmaster, and myself have been getting the word-out with sign posting and appearances, including two television station channels 11 and 13.

Thomas Higgins

The Debate, 10/05/04

Not having great feelings for John Kerry going into the debates and having been surprised (almost impressed) by bush in the past in a couple of speeches; speeches where he was not promoting war, (yes surprisingly there were some non-war speeches). Because of this lack of bias I feel my insight that Kerry was far more impressive then bush in debate is a good reflection of how the "undecided" American must have seen it. I also feel bush came across as a brat that was highly offended with every criticism, this is not "presidential". I watched the debate on split screen, so we saw most of bush's non-word rebuttals.

Thomas Higgins

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bush's Brain makes AK permiere

Day one of the Higgins for US House Fund Raiser: BUSH'S BRAIN
The screens of the Alaska Experience Theatre were awashed in the political spot light as "Bush's Brain" made its Alaska premiere. Only a hand full of concerned citizens came-out to watch this documentary about Karl Rove and his political grooming of GW Bush; a grooming that landed both Bush and Rove first in the Governors mansion of Texas and then the Whitehouse.
After two large Monday night crowds at another theater recently for "The Corporation" I find it odd that there was not more of a turnout for this Thursday event of similar interest.
Oh well just mean more wine and beer for me. Or for the next Higgins for US House gathering.
What was not surprising is that no media personnel accepted my invite to attend the screening. I say not surprising because once again the Alaska media seem hell-bent on another mission of self-filling prophesy. That is, they don't cover a race because they believe that it to be a non-race and therefor they in part make it is non-race.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Alaska Fall Colors

Nov 2 2004

Vote Thomas .com

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Campaigning on a budget

Location Juneau:
People have been grateful that I took the time, money and effort to come speak and listen to them here in Juneau. Others it seems take the voters for granted.
The Tlingit/Haida Forum last night was wonderful. If you missed it, keep an eye on a taping of the event will be up in a couple of days. Also KTOO-Juneau was taping so check their listing for broadcast times.
If traveling to Juneau stay at the hostel; great people, great prices. Because of this budget housing I will be able get to even more of Alaska before the November 2nd election.

Monday, September 13, 2004

The Corporation

Monday 9-13-04
I just came back from the movie The Corporation that played at the Bears Tooth Theatre Pub. It was wonderful. Lots of information, too much for one sitting, but worth another 2 and an 1/2 hours if I can get the chance. Both screenings were sold out. I arrived early and handed out campaign cards and Bush's Brains flyers to the patrons as they arrived. For the second showing it was much easier because everyone was already in line when I came out. One might think that handing out my flyers at an event like this is just preaching to the choir, but most did not know about me and took the information gladly. After all, the primary turnout was small so many November voters have not tuned in yet. We may all sing from the same hymn book but we need to do things to make sure every singer shows up on election day. People need to feel contacted to the election more personally. I feel that contact like this shows them more of whom I am then my printed rhetoric or web site. Some only took my campaign information after I mentioned Bush's Brain. So I learned tonight that having a side issue to get or keep attention is a helpful campaign tool. I am planning also to have Prop 2 (the hemp proposition) info to use in this manner.
Tomorrow I fly to Juneau for a couple of days. If there are any readers in Juneau give me a call, 575-3297, if you would like to talk or know of some location I should visit to campaign.
I must rest and pack for the trip.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Alaska Primary Election for US House

August 24, 2004 HIGGINS, THOMAS received 14065 votes in the Alaska Primary Election for US House for a 36.33% win in the 5 way DEMOCRAT COMBINED BALLOT