Thursday, September 23, 2004

Bush's Brain makes AK permiere

Day one of the Higgins for US House Fund Raiser: BUSH'S BRAIN
The screens of the Alaska Experience Theatre were awashed in the political spot light as "Bush's Brain" made its Alaska premiere. Only a hand full of concerned citizens came-out to watch this documentary about Karl Rove and his political grooming of GW Bush; a grooming that landed both Bush and Rove first in the Governors mansion of Texas and then the Whitehouse.
After two large Monday night crowds at another theater recently for "The Corporation" I find it odd that there was not more of a turnout for this Thursday event of similar interest.
Oh well just mean more wine and beer for me. Or for the next Higgins for US House gathering.
What was not surprising is that no media personnel accepted my invite to attend the screening. I say not surprising because once again the Alaska media seem hell-bent on another mission of self-filling prophesy. That is, they don't cover a race because they believe that it to be a non-race and therefor they in part make it is non-race.


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