Thursday, October 07, 2004

North Pole and beyond

Tues. night I stopped in at KJNP TV in North Pole for a TV talk show. I was invited back any Saturday more to be on a coffeetime talk program. After that I continued on toward Delta Junction making literature drops along the way and stopping in bars (the only thing open after 11pm) introducing myself.
After a night in my campaign road vehicle I continued on to Paxson, Glennallen and into Anchorage. I was running low on literature by this time so it looks like I will have to drop some more when I end that way to Valdez and rest of the Richardson Highway.
Thursday night was the Alaska Arts Council Candidate Forum at the ACPA. Twenty-one candidates took part. I as the only US House candidate and Jim Skyes was the only Senate Candidate.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Campaigning the Parks' Highway

Good morning,
I left Anchorage Saturday (10/02/04) morning heading north to campaign up the Parks Highway to Fairbanks. I stopping along the way speaking to citizens and distributing campaign literature and yard-signs.
I found strong support in Trapper Creek, Healy and Fairbanks.
Here in Fairbanks Dae Miles, my primary opponent turned Higgins for US House webmaster, and myself have been getting the word-out with sign posting and appearances, including two television station channels 11 and 13.

Thomas Higgins

The Debate, 10/05/04

Not having great feelings for John Kerry going into the debates and having been surprised (almost impressed) by bush in the past in a couple of speeches; speeches where he was not promoting war, (yes surprisingly there were some non-war speeches). Because of this lack of bias I feel my insight that Kerry was far more impressive then bush in debate is a good reflection of how the "undecided" American must have seen it. I also feel bush came across as a brat that was highly offended with every criticism, this is not "presidential". I watched the debate on split screen, so we saw most of bush's non-word rebuttals.

Thomas Higgins